Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wednesday Wish List

Sticking with the office theme, this week's Wish List consists of things I could really use in the office space upstairs.  Prior to moving in with J, I had a beautiful (and very heavy) 6 foot long espresso/dark cherry wood desk.  It completely fit my style and sat perfectly in the box window space of my apartment.  Unfortunately when it came time to move, the desk wasn't going to fit in the house so off to storage it went.  But not without collecting a few desktop accessories from the Container Store:

I introduce to you the Brocade series and I've got it all except the magnetic board.  Sadly, it doesn't match the pre-existing desk in the office space, but I'm coping and will be using it nonetheless until my desk and I can be reunited.  And the magnetic board is the first thing on this week's list.  I would love to have a bulletin board of sorts to hang on the wall upstairs for important papers, cute pictures, and any random ol' thing I fee l like sticking to it and this pattern makes me feel happy inside.

The second item I'm wanting is a cube organizer.  I've seen floating shelves, love, and I would kill to have my book case back (also in storage), but we are looking for something that fits the space because the walls are so angled and so, SO, short.  All of the wood accent pieces in the house are an espresso color so I'd like to stick in that theme so it matches and then add a brightly colored vase or some wall art to make it come together.  I don't branch out much, I know, but I've got my eye on this piece from Target:
I'm jonesin' to get my stuff unpacked but also organized.  Right now I've only got the desk and one side table with which to do that so it looks like the boxes might be staying for a little bit.

And finally, an item that's more of an accessory than something functional for the office.  But if it's for the computer I think it's automatically for the office:

The MacBook Pro and I have been together for nearly a year and I think she needs a little outfit.  I'm torn between this case in "Raspberry" or other options that include a pretty grayish purple or a green.

And on that note, I better get back to planning my Christmas gifts for others, where I'm less inclined to go purchase things for myself.  Happy Wednesday!


sea to shining port said...

I love those baskets in the shelves! I have the Ikea ones (you should see if they're cheaper than Target...and then let me know :)), but I haven't tried adding the baskets. The color of the paint is also amazing!

Hope you're having a great day!!

- Caitlin

Melissa said...

Hi Caitlin!

Thanks for the Ikea recommendation! Their website overwhelms me so I always find it better just to check in the store--I'll be sure to do so when we make our next trip! I love the look of the baskets because not only do they look good, they hide the stuff you can't stack neatly in the other areas!

If only I could take this photo and just pop it all into my office!

Hope all is well!


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