Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wednesday Wish List

Happy Wednesday, loyal followers.  I'm talking to you, you folks who made up my 16 page views yesterday (no, that does not count my page views).  It's a record for this little blog of mine and I let out a little squeal of delight when I saw the number!  And it was just the motivation I needed to get this post ready before I have to go to bed.  

Last Wednesday I took a mini house project break and did my "Wednesday Wish List."  It wasn't something I intended to be a tradition, but being the type A person that I am, and a lover of all things uniform, why not give it a whirl for week number two?  Plus, this will give me a chance to segue into some of my other non-renovation interests.  I'm still trying to think of a creative way to plug the engagement ring of my dreams into here (knowing that J is a loyal reader), but you'll have to sit tight for that one.  Just kidding honey, your sister in law and my sister have all of the necessary details...

Anyhoodle, the impending holiday season has brought with it my love for all things baking.  J is the trained chef, I am merely a baking aficionado.  I can do cupcakes, cookies, pinwheels, pies, pumpkin rolls and a whole host of things.  But I want to up the ante a bit.  I want to make breads and pastas and maybe make my own sausage.  Because. I. Can.  And this is how I plan to accomplish those goals:

{image via Google images}
I want it bad and I want it in Metallic Chrome.  

Sticking in the theme of shiny silver things, J and I recently went looking for backsplash options for the kitchen.  Now the final decision is contingent upon the color of the countertop which will then affect the color and number of appliances that we need to replace, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a stainless steel backsplash.  Ever since Young House Love posted about their awesome penny tile find, I've been obsessed with penny tile.  J, not so much.  So while I want stainless steel penny tile, we will hopefully end up with this:

I got a little sticker shock when I saw the price per square foot on this bad boy but then J smoothly asked the sales rep, "I'm interested, what can you do on the price?"  And just like magic, the guy came back with a pretty decent discount!  I'm hardly a pushover but honestly, why list it at this price if you can sell it for less?!  I digress, but for all you current and future dabblers in home projects, ASK for the best deal possible.  And never be afraid to walk out if you're not comfortable with what you were given.  

J taught me that when we were car shopping post accident last year.  He'd be the bad cop and I'd be the one thanking them profusely for their time and then running to catch up with him in the parking lot, already ready to head to the next dealership.  Which, as I type this, I guess that does make me sound like a pushover.  Anyway...

The third and final item for today is also silver!  I know y'all are shocked that I maintained the theme throughout, aren't you??  I've been wanting this necklace for the last year or so...and maybe not this particular one, but something similar.  It's a karma necklace and I love the simple reminder that what goes around comes around.  

{image from Etsy}
I've been on the receiving end of both good and bad karma and there is nothing like some bad karma to kick you in the pants and make you take a step back.  Just have faith that whatever it is will work itself out to be the way it's ultimately meant to be.  Easier said than done for those of us who think we can solve our problems by worrying, but I've received the best things in my life when I just looked up to the sky and said, "I trust you."

And on that rather deep note, this concludes this week's Wednesday Wish List!  Is there anything you guys are wishing for?


sea to shining port said...

I loooove the KitchenAid!!! Mara got one for her wedding, and I'm seriously considering marrying a random on the street to get my hands on one. Good choice on the metallic, too!

- Caitlin

Melissa said...

Thanks Caitlin! As long as he's a cute random, I'd support that decision--the Kitchen Aid will only take you so far! ;)


sea to shining port said...

Very wise advice :) I'll try and hold off a little longer!

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