Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Wednesday Wish List

So I'm kind of in a funk for the mid-week I talk about my awesome pantry?  Do I talk about our on-going discussions regarding the kitchen reno?  Or do I share some of the things on my IwantitsobadI'lldieifIdon'tgetit list?  I feel like I'm too new to the blogging world to be burned out, but it's more like I need a tiny little break from talking all things construction.  So here we go.

First on my list is new bedding.  I've had the same bedding for the last six years and had to ditch said linens when I moved in with J.  "Too girly," he says.  So I adapted and we are currently using his ensemble.  "Not my style," I say.  Now, I've been wanting the following bedding collection from Restoration Hardware for the last 4 years or so.  And most recently they came out with a color (fog) that. I. Covet.  So much so that I schooled the local Restoration sales associate on the history of the collection when I went in for a looksie a few weeks back.  I walked out with the recommendation that I should get a job there.  And believe me, I've thought about picking up a weekend shift or two.  

So behold, the Italian Cypress Paisley collection from Restoration Hardware in "Fog":

{image from Restoration Hardware online}
Unlike the bedding, which I am currently saving my pennies for, the next item on my list is a bit more random to those who know me and a bit more attainable for my pocketbook:

{image from}
Now J is probably reading this think, "What the heeeeeeck?" But this little guy looks like the perfect little machine to teach a novice seamstress like myself how to sew up some curtains.  Or pillows.  Or pajama pants a la 9th grade home ec class.  And it has a ton of great reviews.  I'm not married, but I'm nesting nonetheless.  Don't judge me.

And the third (and final for today) item on the wish list is a new chest of drawers for our room.  My things are currently split between two dressers in two different rooms and I would love to have everything organized into one location.  This model by Ikea is in the same furniture family as the nightstands and bed in our room.  I love the look of dark espresso colored furniture and instead of getting a taller piece, we can use the wall behind this one for a piece of art or a collage of photos.  A post about the bedroom is definitely forthcoming.

{image from Ikea online}
These are just a few of the things I am yearning for right now.  Obviously I couldn't share the whole list because what would happen when I need items for next time?  Is there anything you guys have on your wish lists, practical or not?  

Stay tuned for tomorrow's post.  We'll be back in action with a custom stained staircase and  possibly a pantry.  (!!!)


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