Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Sneak Peek: the Kitchen!!

I won't lie, the kitchen is hands down my favorite project.  I love to bake (I most recently attempted a pumpkin roll for the first time ever) so combined with J's background, we can throw ourselves a nice little dinner party without a lot of effort.  I digress.

Since the kitchen is currently underway, I can't do a start to finish post so I'm just going to show you some snippets of what we have and what we've done to date.

For starters, here is a view of the kitchen from the living room/entryway:

Please excuse the clutter, J hates this.
At first glance, you note some white cabinets, a white fridge and a black microwave atop a black stove.

Behind the bar, you find the sink and a black dishwasher.

And this is the kind of cabinets and countertop we inherited:

As you can see, it's not in bad condition, but it's just not our style.  And going through the house, we are pretty sure the previous owner had the same company install cabinets and some pretty darn interesting closet organization systems that we will get to later.  

We toyed around with several options on the kitchen.  Cabinet refacing, new countertops, new appliances, painting our own cabinets, keeping the countertops, keeping the appliances.  Granite versus laminate versus recycled materials versus cement.  And any of those options, if not researched thoroughly, could break the budget.  And break it hard.  

So we're taking it step by step and decided to paint the cabinets on our own.  I'll admit, the idea of painting manufactured particle board cabinets seemed a little intimidating to me.  Thankfully, I was not the one doing the painting.  And, also thankfully, J's talent knows no boundaries.

So off the cabinets went and for two weeks I experienced an open shelving kitchen:

I won't lie, it made unloading the dishwasher a breeze!
J patched up any dings or dents that were existing on the cabinets and primed them.  After the primer, he painted. 

And our basement looked like this:

But it was entirely worth it to see the finished product:

Bye bye gold knobs!
Overall, this has been a relatively painless project, although J might beg to differ.  We encountered some bumps on a couple of the doors that never closed completely before we took them off and won't close completely now.  The measurements and level tell us they were installed correctly, but they wouldn't, and won't, shut.  So J is troubleshooting that and I'm sure we'll have it figured out before the whole thing is done.  And rest assured there will be a post when that solution is found.

Stay tuned kids, I promise you this kitchen reno is going to knock your socks off.

**Editor's Note: usually when I say "we painted" or "we built" it means J did it.  I just like talking in we's because I can.  Although knowing J, he'd never say "we" in reference to the blog.  Le sigh.


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