Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The office...or closet...or baby's room?

At the end of last week's post about the master bedroom I showed you the spot that led to a stairway to the third floor loft area above the bedroom:

When J first gave me a tour of the house he said this space could be used as a closet or as an office.  The former was how the previous owners had it set up; the latter is what it kind of is now since it has a desk and all of my boxes marked "office."  But, tricky guy markets it as a potential nursery when we're showing friends who are soon to be engaged/engaged/married.  So this is going to be the first of two, maybe three, posts of how we transform this space into something functional.

As with the rest of the upstairs, J had to tear out all of the carpet and prime the floors and walls.  The folks before us had railings hanging from the ceiling where they hung their clothes.  Which I suppose could explain why they had nothing but drawers in their master bedroom closet.
 Facing the front of the house...
And facing the back of the house...
Once the carpet, padding, and old blinds were torn down.

This space was relatively headache free aside from a couple week stint last year where we deduced water was leaking from the roof all the way down to the living room ceiling.  So J had to tear off those drawers you see on the left of the above picture and get in there to seal things up.  So a little sealing and a little drywall replacement, which ended up being not so little, and we have a leak free house.

If you can picture it, this room runs the length of the house down the middle so there is a fair amount of space to be utilized.  From the outside, it's the very top window.  

And J's going to kill me for the pictures I'm about to post, but I'm all about honesty.  And while the rest of the house is 99% clutter free, a girl who likes to stack shit needs a place to stack it.  

So the world wide web is about to see a part of the house that no one sees unless it's organized.  Or rather, unless the boxes are stacked nicely and the stacks of papers are hidden away with the desk cleared.  And the way I figure, this will give me some motivation to finally unpack this room and sass it up a bit.  It's been a month and a half since I moved in and there's no excuse for this.  Not even the 18 loads of laundry that manage to appear every weekend.  Well maybe not 18, but definitely more than my staunch single girl rule of  3 loads/week rule: whites, colors, and sheets.  And the occasional fourth load of blankets or shower curtain and rug.  Again, I digress.

We'll start with a better shot of the stairs coming off of the master bedroom, going up.

  Now a shot facing the front of the house:
And a shot facing the back of the house:

But my favorite part of this room is the view:

Put your face real close to the screen and, through the severe cloud cover, you can see the city skyline.  From the vantage point of the desk, you can look straight out the window and see it.  It's even better at night when it's lit up or when it's sunny out and you can make out the buildings clearly.

It's been raining for the last two days and I hear we're supposed to have rain for nearly the remainder of the week.  With a chance of snow but I'm not holding my breath.  

So that is the office as it currently exists.  Yes, I intentionally kept the pictures smaller-ish so it wouldn't highlight the mess, which is worse when you see it on camera.  Eeeeek.  Don't worry, I'll post real big ones when I get it all organized.  And I'm thinking I'll need a good reading chair from which I blog.  The wheels are turning.


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