Tuesday, November 1, 2011

More Bricks

I know, I know, another post about bricks.  And this one doesn't even come with a busted sewage line.  But I promise if you bear with me just a post or two more, you will get to see the inside of the house.  I'm just being methodical and covering the outdoors before we move on to the good stuff.  (Like our kitchen renovation currently underway...)

Off to the right of the house we have the most darling patio area and J's brother and sister in law were kind enough to get him some furniture for it last summer.  Around last July or so, J decided that he wanted to level out the bricks and smooth out the look of the patio; so this is a purely aesthetic job. So construction began.  I've gone through all of the pictures and can't seem to locate a good "before" shot so we'll just join this project already in progress...

The patio is 30 feet long and 10 feet wide.  We also have a little plot of landscaping off to the side at the neighbors house (they're the house to the right in this picture.)  As we were planning the project, J thought it might be a good idea to build a fence at the back of the space in order to keep the trash can, air conditioner, grill, etc., out of sight.  What you see here is the frame work of the fence with the fence belonging to our other neighbors in the background.  The fence measures 8 feet tall and 10 feet wide.

An interesting side story of this project is that as J was digging the holes for the fence post, he pulled up the top bricks and 6 inches down hit a level of concrete that looked like it might have belonged to an old patio.  He kept digging further and 6 inches further hit a level of bricks.  He managed to dig yet another 12 inches and found the same pattern of concrete then brick!  So he pulled up the bricks and we later fashioned them into stepping stones in the landscaping that separates the sidewalk from the street.

One of the concrete layers
J spent days and days focusing on the patio and the fence.  And I give him so many props on this project because it was hands down the hottest few weeks of the summer and I know the last thing I would have patience for is making sure some bricks were level.  But he's kind of a perfectionist like that and I kind of love it.  And with an end result like this, can you blame me?

Before the finished fence...

...and with the finished fence.
Unfortunately the second picture was taken after a particularly rainy day, but you get the gist of the fence.  And you may or may not notice we significantly scaled back the landscaping.  In the first picture, there are overgrown bushes of a variety we're not quite sure of.  This summer, J tore them all out and we made a trip to the nursery to get some oh-so-symmetrical boxwoods that make the space look much cleaner and it feels more open.  I even dabbled in some horticulture myself and planted some tulip and daffodil bulbs for next spring, but more on that later.  And maybe a better shot of the patio if the sun would just come out long enough for things to dry out.


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