Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Master Bedroom

I debated in my mind which project was going to be next.  We have covered the magnificent bathroom (my favorite room in the house) and that leaves us with two bedrooms and an office space left to cover upstairs.  Master bedroom won the coin toss so here we go!

In terms of Village bedrooms, this one is large.  We recently toured our next door neighbor's house which is currently for sale and the two bedrooms in that classic Village house were tiny.  

As with projects that pre-date my time in the house, we have minimal before shots.  But take a gander below and you'll get the gist:

This was mid tearing out of the old carpet and I get nauseous just seeing the dirtiness. 

This shot was taken standing by the left window in the picture above.  Those filthy doors are making me ill.  I am easily affected by grossness.  I'm working on it.  But, after all, it's one of the reasons J got the house at such a good deal.  

Next, I'd like to point your attention to the closet.  This is another example of the custom cabinetry that we found in every closet in the house.  In case you need a refresher, check the wine rack/mirror/shelving debacle that was there before our pantry.  I'm a fan of organization as much as the next girl but they didn't fully maximize the space with the shelving--do you see any place in that closet to hang anything?  Nope.  And you'll see more of this in coming posts.

After the carpet and padding was removed, J took to priming both the walls and the subfloor.  Something he did throughout the entire house.  The previous owners had dogs which may explain, although not justify, the dirty carpet issue.  From what J tells me, the house smelled musty since it is an older home and like wet dog.  Priming and sealing up those floors and walls helped with this problem and I swear to you, you would never know how bad it was.

J also had all of the vents cleaned by a professional and they ended up taking out a 55 gallon drum full of junk from the vents alone.  This is another practice J says we'll repeat in future homes.  Not only do you get rid of dirt and junk, the air you are breathing in your home is infinitely cleaner!  

Post priming, J went on to paint the woodwork in Antique White and the walls in Benjamin Moore's Brandon Beige.  The entire house is in these colors with the exception of the gray in the half bath downstairs and the dark brown in the bathroom upstairs.  We love the neutral color and the cream wood as it lends itself well to incorporating color via accent pieces.  And, as a buyer, I would see this as an open canvas and not feel like I had to change the paint right away.  But that's just me.

Once the walls were primed and painted, in came the carpet and finally the furniture.  J, like most guys, did not have a ton of furniture.  "Less stuff I have to move from house to house."  So originally he had one dresser, one bed, and a glass topped living room end table that served as his nightstand.  Sounds like plenty, and it was, but they weren't necessarily matching and the room needed a little uniformity.

You'll notice below that the sconce that was in the original picture (between the two windows) has been removed and a mirror put in it's place.

Apparently one's camera lens needs cleaned...
This is the new bed and nightstands we purchased from Ikea.
The duvet, coverlet and mass of pillows were all J's prior to my arrival.  I can't wait to get my hands on the Restoration Hardware duvet cover and shams mentioned in my first Wednesday Wish List and sass this room up a bit.

This is the dresser for J's stuff.  And you'll notice another sconce hole above the television, there were three in the room total and we're currently deciding what to do next.  We'd love to get the larger Ikea dresser that matches the set  Also, this is the best shot I have of the new carpet and the freshly painted door.

And here is the closet after J tore out the shelving and added some hanging racks:
Much more efficient use of the space and now you can actually hang stuff in there.  Plus J needed a place for his clothes once I took over the larger closet in the guest room.

But I've saved one of my favorite features for last.  Standing in the back corner of the room, looking straight across the bed, you see this:

 See that little alcove there?  With what appears to be the end of a railing?

It's a staircase!  Albeit a poorly pictured one, but a staircase nonetheless!

I don't want to give you too much of a taste as this is an upcoming post itself, but these steps lead you to a third floor loft space that opens up over the bedroom.  As seen here:

I'm so excited to share this space with you, almost as excited as I was about the bathroom.  Never thought I'd utter that sentence...

In conclusion here's what we did:
  • Tore up existing carpet and carpet padding.
  • Removed three sconces--one between the windows, one above our tv, and one above the bed.  TBD on what will become of the two remaining holes.
  • Primed the subfloor and the walls to seal out the dog/musty smell.
  • Painted all the woodwork--doors, window frames, molding, base boards and the railing leading up the third floor.
  • Installed fresh carpet
  • Bought matching bedroom set from Ikea.  And, someday, new linens with matching and accent shams from Restoration.


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