Friday, November 11, 2011

Kitchen Addition: The Pantry

When J and I were discussing the initial plans of moving in together, one of my concerns was the cabinet space.  Being trained in the culinary arts, it did (and still does) baffle me that the guy had almost no pots and pans, only four plates and a non working dishwasher.  The latter of which was not his fault, he was single and didn' t need one.  But coming from my apartment with all of my bakeware, mandolins, eight place settings and not to mention wine glasses, martini glasses and margarita glasses, I just didn't think we'd have enough room to store stuff and keep a food inventory.

So J and I batted around the idea of using the closet space in the kitchen as a remodeled pantry.  If you're like me, you probably thought "um Melissa, what's a random closet doing in the kitchen?"  To which I would reply, "Good question reader."  You see, it's like this, the previous owners, who have never ceased to surprise us with their taste, blatant disregard for cleaning practices, and other questionable behaviors, did a lot of weird things in closets.  And this one was no different.

All of the doors in the house are six panel doors complete with matching doorknobs.  The only thing consistent in the house is the woodwork and the doors.  A may-jor selling point for J.  The door to this closet is no different in that it has the aforementioned six panels, but the top two were glass instead of wood.  

So I know that if I were given a closet with glass windows in it, I would bedazzle the shiznit out of it and add shelves and mirrors on three sides and maybe throw in a wine rack on top of the shelves.  It would be so freaking awesome.**  And that's just what they did.  

The sweeeeeet wine rack

The awesome shelves and mirrors
J primarily used this as a catch all type closet.  He kept his stuff neatly piled, but it held a ton of stuff including but not limited to: a Cleveland Browns bobble head (re-gifted to the nephew), a book on all the things bought and done to the house (now housed in the office), and a couple of random games and J's ridiculous candle collection.  But more on the candles later.

We started by taking all of the mirrors out of the closet.  And while I was glad to see them go, it was interesting just how tiny their removal made the closet look.

Once everything was out, we made a trip to the Container Store to check out pantry organization options.  While I love their products, we just couldn't justify $300 for materials alone.  Obviously J would install whatever we got himself so installation prices weren't even relevant.

So we looked at options at Lowe's and Home Depot and ended up with the metal/wire racks which cost us under $200 for everything:

I love that the closet has a built in light already, super helpful.  

Around the same time the shelves went in, we also picked up some rice paper to give the once clear glass a little frosted touch:

And there you have it.  Once a mirrored wine rack closet, now a pantry.

And from here you can see the bathroom door, featured earlier this week.

**I am sarcastic by nature.  Hells no I would not put a wine rack and a mirror with shelves in a closet.


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