Monday, November 7, 2011

J's Favorite Room In the House

To me this is just weird.  I mean, make all the jokes you want about a man loving his bathroom, but this isn't even the cool bathroom with the heated floors and the bathtub with jets.  But nonetheless, J loves this room for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to the engineering feat of the century.  Well, at least of his week.

I shall start at (nearly) the beginning...

Behold, the only "before" picture of the half bath.
This half bath is situated on the first floor just off of the kitchen and houses a toilet and a sink.  You also have to go through this room to get to the basement.  That's how these quirky village houses tend to work.

In the picture above you see the old toilet, the old floor, and the walls which, at the time this picture was taken, J had primed from a not so great shade of red.  And we're talking red walls AND a red ceiling.  As an aside, we're not quite sure what these people were thinking when they painted the house and you'll see another picture later that illustrates just that.

Now J says this is his favorite room because it's the only room, so far, that has come out exactly as he envisioned.  He started by priming the walls and then taking out the flooring, sink and toilet:

Once that was done, J added some beadboard around the walls, 54 inches tall.

And next came the floor.  A dark gray tile, 19 3/4" by 19 3/4":

Now the next step was to install the toilet but the placement of the flange (that's the hole the toilet sits on--yes, I had to ask the "technical term") would not permit a toilet to sit there without the basement door hitting it as it opened.

So J took out the existing 14 inch flange and put in a 2 inch offset flange to shorten the distance between the wall and the drain.  Do you like how I sounded like I had a clue as to what I just said?  The boy may or may not be sitting here as I'm taking dictation...

Anyway, while this is the simple route to take, I was also informed that J could have opted to re-route some some of the pipes to achieve this same result.  But as it turns out, that would require cutting into the joists and that is, how do you say...A building code no no.

So we saved a little time with these offset flangey things and combined with a high-backed Toto toilet, we ended up with this:

Voila! A little grainy...
And for anyone who might Google the Toto toilet, I have no idea what was spent on this thing since I came back on the scene after it was purchased.  But yes, I nearly fainted when I saw the "cheap" models and apparently this particular one was a must have because it was the only toilet he found of any brand that cleared the door so perfectly.

The sink is the original sink from the bathroom that was restored.  According to J, there was paint and all kinds of nasty stains from the previous owners.  So after experimentation with lots of chemicals, which may explain why he got the gumption to re-start our relationship (I kid!!), he got it all kinds of sparkly and pretty.

And we went from having a door that hit the toilet to one that clears with about 1/16 of an inch to spare.

Oh, and I'm being nudged to show you all the pretty light/fan:

Frankly, my favorite feature of this bathroom is the motion activated light that comes on as you walk in the room.  Take that, fancy door clearing Toto toilet.


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