Friday, November 11, 2011


Happy Friday, everyone!  To make up for a lack of a Thursday post, you're going to get two today.  Both are small(er) projects--space wise, not necessarily time-wise.  And I'm supposed to say that the post featured below was the project that J spent the most time on.  Let's begin...

When J first moved into the house, the stairway leading from the main floor (just off of the kitchen) was carpeted.  And it was a gross carpet.  So he stripped it down and was left with this:

Not exactly pretty stuff.  And since the house is so old, the wood is old too.  It had to go.

All but the bottom two steps were torn out.  J used poplar to match the remaining pieces.  He had decided the finished product was going to be stained, but he wanted it to match the future wood floor color that we would place on the first level.  I remember for the first 7 months after our reunion, any trips upstairs were prefaced with, "Watch that tread, it's not secured."

Then around December/January of 2010/2011, we started to get serious looking for flooring options.  We looked high and we looked low and we even took J's sister in law and nephew with us on the hunt.  And, naturally, J found the perfect color in the type of flooring we wanted, in the budget number we wanted.  

J's brother and sister in law lived in the same neighborhood at the time and had put in custom stained floors in their home.  The result was nothing short of amazing and the guy who did the work truly had a passion for all things stain related.  I'm still not sure if it's indeed passion or if he's just been around the fumes for a while, but nonetheless he loves his job.  So we had him give us an estimate and it was very budget friendly for this little project.

Getting on his schedule took a bit, which gave J plenty of time to finish the treads and get everything ready for the dude.

He came out, made us a stain matched to the floor sample, and in about a week we went from the above picture to this:

And compared to the sample of the floor, it came out darn near perfect!

The steps, close up

The floor sample
I should also note that during the initial phases of home ownership, J enlisted the help of his sister in law's father on the woodwork throughout the house.  (More on the woodwork itself in a later post) But I would be remiss not to mention Bob's handiwork on the stair railing which, I hear, required a ton of sanding to get it smoothed out.

After the staining was complete, J took care of painting the risers and add the skirting. 

And now, without further ado, the finished product:

From the top of the stairs.  Note the old flooring at the bottom. 
From the bottom, going up

From the kitchen
In summation, here's what was done:
  • Tore up old carpet
  • Tore up old padding
  • Tore up all but the bottom two treads on the stairs
  • Sured up the stringer (professional talk for stabilizing the piece that runs up the middle of the stairs that the treads sit on
  • Put new treads on
  • Put new risers on
  • Added new skirting
  • Had the steps custom stained
  • Painted the risers
  • Painted the skirting.
A lot of time and patience went into this project on J's end and it was well worth the end result. I LOVE these stairs and can't wait to see the end result with the new floors!


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