Monday, November 28, 2011

Counters Part Deux

Without fail, the Monday after a holiday always comes too quick.  No matter how many days you have off or how many hours of sleep you caught up on, you're never quite ready for that alarm to go off on Monday morning.

J and I had a great holiday weekend with some family time capped off by a day and a half at home doing laundry and getting ready for this week/researching countertop options.  As you may recall, our currently in progress project at the house is the kitchen.  And just as I was getting prepared for my black granite tile countertop with my stainless steel penny tile backsplash, J throws everything up in the air again.  

"It's how this process works.  Nothing is final until it's installed and even then it's subject to change," he tells me.  I'm also not supposed to blog about the counters until we've come to a conclusion, but why not loop you all in on the process?  Plus, I figure, this would serve as a great archive down the road of the ins and outs of the first house so by the time we hit house number five, we'll have this down.

So, my readers, we are leaning in a different direction now.  A direction that weighs hundreds of pounds and will likely cost me my precious laundry space in the basement.  Or, also likely, it will take away my existing counters and replace them with wooden molds that we will use for.....are you ready? ...CONCRETE!  Now the trick is finding a color that would look good with:

  • Black appliances
  • Stainless Steel Penny Tile (although I have a feeling I could be forced to forfeit this)
  • Cream cabinets with brushed nickel pulls
I'm thinking something similar to this dark gray color (just counters not the bases):

J has spent hours upon hours online researching this stuff and has a feeling that Fu-Tung Cheng's Concrete Exchange has everything he'll need to learn himself this project.**  We're going to start by ordering the training DVD and take it from there.  Unfortunately we aren't looking to invest $585 of our kitchen budget for J to attend one of Mr. Cheng's classes.  

Naturally I'm skeptical, but J seems pretty convinced.  And given the phenomenal work he's done so far, I'm inclined to trust him.

So that's where we currently stand on the counter debate and I wouldn't be surprised if we change our minds again.  But either way, you'll be updated as we go and pictures of the progress will be included.  In the meantime, here are three pictures that sum up our Thanksgiving:

Grandma pulled out the paper turkey place cards! Or place figures rather?

We attended the local Christmas parade where Santa officially "comes to town" and they light the courthouse square.

And Grandpa sent us home with a big container of Chex Mix.  Which I realized I have to share now that I'm living with the boy.  I'm rethinking this whole arrangement.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and got some much deserved relaxation time.

**mention of Concrete Exchange does not constitute an endorsement.  That may follow later once we've determined the training video is actually helpful.


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