Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Basement Redo

Alright kids, it's the day you've all been waiting for: we're going inside!  There are so many wonderful things that J has done in the house that it was hard to pick where to go first.  So while this post may lack a certain excitement level on the design front, this is one of those projects where you sit back and say, "Damn I'm glad I didn't have to do that."  

Basements in the Village are typically, how do you say...gross.  Disgusting.  Mildewy, musty, wet dungeons.  I've only been in one Village basement prior to J's that wasn't gross and that's because it was a new build and it was completely finished.  Not to say that those million dollar homes don't have sweet basements (or "lower levels" for all you fancy pants), but c'mon, that's why they're on the higher end of the real estate market.

So we start with your typical, run of the mill Village basement:

Ewwwwww I'm getting the heebie jeebies just thinking about this.

As you can see, this basement has had issues with water getting in.  Per the usual in the Village.  So J set about painstakingly scraping all of the existing sealer off of the walls.  It took about a week with a metal brush, but he got there.  And naturally on the 7th day, it rained.  And rained hard it did.  With no sealer on the walls, he had a foot of standing water down there.  But he pumped it all out quick like and proceeded to part two: replacing the sealer.

It took approximately another week to put up two coats of Drylock on the walls to get this glorious result:

He also added a coat of water proof cement paint for the floor.  As he says to everyone who tours the house, "I wanted a basement that you could walk in barefoot if you needed to."  And I often do because I hate wearing shoes in the house.

And finally, he added a new coat of paint to the steps.  So here are shots of the finished basement:

The Drylock is starting to wear off in some patches, so we'll need to reapply but not bad for 2 years of wear!
J's work room.  He built the tool bench himself.  It even has an electrical outlet.
The boy's toys.
All of "my" shit stuff from the move.
We still have some organizing to do, stainless steel racks to buy, but that's for another post!

I love the basement and J loves that he has a place to work on things indoors.  Particularly since we're lacking the luxury of a garage.  We will likely need to do another coat of the Drylock but for a house this old, I'm surprised it lasted as long as it has.  And it's only wearing off in certain areas which is better than the whole basement!


William Gulliver said...

We’ve been working on our basement too. I hate it when all of a sudden it rains and we have some project outdoors. It’s a good thing you that you’ve been persistent with waterproofing it. Otherwise, it would have become a breeding ground for molds, since it already has a history of leaks. When you reapply, though, always do it in sections. ;] -->William

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