Monday, October 31, 2011

The Flattest Sidewalk in the Village

Now that I've covered the start to this story, it's time for the interesting stuff: our house.

J purchased this abode in late December of 2009 with the sole purpose of fixing it up so he could sell it and move on to the next one.  We live in a neighborhood where homes can range from the low 100's to over a million, just depending on which street you live on.  So the trick was to find just the right place at just the right amount in just the right location.  And this is what he found:

I was only partially involved in the home buying process (he was shopping around when we went on our hiatus) so I can't give the details on what he went through to find this place, but I will say the man has an eye for things that most people would run away from.

We are currently redoing the kitchen so I'm going to start with the outside projects and work my way inside.

Most of the sidewalks, and streets for that matter, in our neighborhood (referred to as "the Village) are paved with brick.  And, as it goes, the bricks shift for a variety of man made and natural reasons.  One feature J's house didn't have, however, was a brick sidewalk.  Instead he had this little gem:

Now this is flat by neighborhood standards, but it's lacking the brick that ties the house in with the rest of the Village.  But never fear, because even though it wasn't on the list of things to immediately fix, the sewer line had other ideas.  

One busted, leaking, gross sewer line later, we went from that nice little picture above to this:

Aforementioned busted line

Big hole in sidewalk
Now, thanks to a lovely little thing called homeowners' insurance, the cost of digging up the concrete sidewalk to access the line was 100% covered.  That left J with the dilemma: does he put another concrete sidewalk down or does he go the route of the Village and lay some bricks?  Of course the bricks won.

The best part of the new brick sidewalk is that J didn't incur any out of pocket costs.  The insurance company gave J the funds to put another concrete sidewalk down and a friend who lives a couple hours away had bricks he was looking to get rid of.  So J used the insurance funds for materials and to rent a trailer to pick up the bricks and in a matter of two weeks went from the mess above to this:

It is hands down the best stretch of brick sidewalk in the Village.  Yes I'm biased but I don't care.  It's so good the neighbors across the street have asked him twice if he'd consider re-doing their sidewalk but unfortunately for them, he's only working for himself.


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