Thursday, October 13, 2011

Our Story: Chapter 1

As you may have gleaned from my "About Me," the intent of this blog is to document my journey as the girlfriend of a dude who likes flipping houses.  

Well, how many houses has he done you ask? Just one so far is the answer.  And not even one, just 3/4 of one.  But we (mainly he) have every intention on making this a long term thing.

Before I jump into where we are now, let me start at the beginning.  I met "J" in 2006 when I was working with his sister in law.  She had a group of our co-workers over for dinner one evening after work where J was manning the kitchen.  And not in the sense that this guy tended to the grill or aided in setting out some plates, we're talking bona fide graduated from culinary school and was instructing us on the proper way to prepare an acorn squash with brown sugar and butter.

I fancy myself a pretty decent cook and didn't expect to be schooled that evening, but alas I was.  We were all instructed to bring a dish and mine was stuffed mushrooms.  (That plays a minor role later in this story.)

Fast forward to the end of the night where, after too much wine, a coworker was expressing her strong attraction for J and his mad kitchen skills.  I figured he was far older than my 22 years so I didn't think anything of it.  Until one winter day in 2008 when I got an email...


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